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Jida Amin

Jida Amin: Quick Start Plan

Lost 6.5 kilos

I signed up to a Qvie plan for a month after having stubborn post pregnancy weight that I just couldn’t lose. I loved that I didn’t have to think about what to cook and that everything was ready for me. I lost 6.5 kilos in a month and i’m super happy with the results! It really works!

Dalia Moghrabi

Dalia Moghrabi – Nursing Mothers Plan

Lost 7 kilos

I lost 7kgs in 1 month with Qvie and it was the best way to lose weight and feeling satisfied
after each meal. I highly recommend Qvie to all new moms and enjoy being fit again.

Samantha Kanonji

Samantha Kanonji: Quick Start Plan

Lost 8 kilos

I was so happy to lose 8kgs during one month with the help of my qvie weight loss program the taste of the meals are so good specially the cereal and the chocolate bars highly recommended from my side I was very happy with their service because they don’t leave you alone they always call and check how you are doing did u like the meals and if they can help you throughout the journey.

Pamela Koueik

Pamela Koueik – Smart Plan

Lost 10 kilos

After I delivered my baby, I tried many diets but nothing worked until I found Qvie! 
Qvie helped me lose all the pregnancy weight very fast. The meals are delicious and what encouraged me is the fast results I was getting from Qvie diet. Their service is amazing and their dietician always follows up which helped me to keep going. I’m so thankful I found Qvie and I loved everything about them. I highly recommend this diet!

Google Reviews

Google Reviews4.9 ★★★★★

Google Reviews★★★★★

I tried the accelerate plan and the result was amazing. I have been 69kg for two years and I tried everything from exercise to diet but nothing worked. I was so depressed about my body and really wanted to loose some weight. Qvie helped me to become 59kg in my first month, I never expected to lose 10kg . Thanks to Qvie. I would recomend all my friends whoever is looking for an effective weight loss.

Susmitha Sreekumar

Google Reviews★★★★★

Very happy for knowing this company. I lost the weight i was struggling with. They have both 1 month and 2 weeks option which makes it flexible. The food they offer is quite tasty compared to diet food. There are few items I couldn’t tolerate like pancakes and the sweet shakes but overall it’s a very good diet and you get your craves settled with the bars and pasta. The best thing about it is that i did not gain the weight back although i was eating normally in between my subscriptions.

Jana El Fahl

Google Reviews★★★★★

So impressed how effective their program is. I’m very happy with the result! I lost 4.3kg in just 2 weeks with their 14days trial kit quick start plan. Thank you Qvie!

Anna Bien Guinto