30 Day Nursing Mothers Plan


Our program provides relief for nursing mothers struggling to regain their pre-pregnancy figure, energy and spirit.

A Nursing mothers face a delicate nutritional balancing act. We can help you reclaim control of your body, boost energy, promote fat burning and weight loss, and replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy and child birth. Research by the Institute of Medicine has shown that a minimum of 1800 calories and gradual weight loss of 1 pound per week in nursing mothers will not compromise milk production. Our 1800 and 2000 calorie meal plans will help get your cravings under control, provide you and your baby with proper nutrition, and help you relearn how to eat for one versus eating for two—all while you achieve your weight loss goal.

Simply eat 6 times a day, space your meals 2-3 hours apart and start losing weight today. On a daily basis you will consume 5 Qvie Meals plus 2 Lean & Green Meal (not provided, but we will provide a free guide).

Once you order, you will receive your delivery within 1 – 2 working days. It will contain 30 days of delicious Qvie Meals as well as a Qvie Nursing Mother’s Guide.

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